On a fall day, while enjoying time outside with my girls, I noticed a massive sycamore leaf that blew into our yard. It caught my attention because of its sheer size. As I stared at the leaf, I felt God impress these thoughts on my heart, “Time is short. Make the most of it. You have until the last leaf falls.” When I looked up into the tree where it fell from, I saw only a few more leaves left and then another fell to the ground.

The seasons of our life can pass quickly – sometimes before we can make the most of them. I believe God is looking for individuals, families, and groups that desire to stand strong in their faith by sharing God’s love in their community and around the world. My hope is that when you see a leaf on the ground you’ll contemplate the brevity of time and how you can best use your talents. Make the most of every moment you have and live a full life for the gospel! (Jeff Davidson, Founder)